• Cartier citrine leaf

    Cartier Citrine & Diamond Leaf Brooch

    A stylised brooch in the form of a leaf, set with calibre cut [...]

  • Georgian padlock

    Georgian Padlock Brooch/Pendant

    A Georgian padlock brooch/pendant. The central crystal section[...]

  • Coral hand brooch

    Carved Coral Hand Brooch

    A naturalistically carved coral brooch in the form of a hand h[...]

  • Enamel fob watch1

    Red Enamel & Diamond Fob Watch

    A diamond set fob watch decorated in enamel with daffodils on [...]

  • BBB jabot

    Bailey, Banks & Biddle Jabot Pin

    A jabot pin of two circular sections set with a floral moonsto[...]

  • Coral suite boxed

    Coral Cameo Suite

    A 19th century coral suite consisting of a multi-strand bead n[...]

  • VCA yellow diamond flower

    Van Cleef & Arpels Yellow Diamond Flower Brooch

    A brooch in the form of a rose, pave set throughout with fancy[...]

  • Sapphire and diamond scallop clips

    Sapphire & Pearl Scallop Clips

    A pair of double clips in the form of scallop shells, each set[...]

  • Sacred heart brooch

    Sacred Heart Brooch

    A ruby, emerald and diamond set sacred heart brooch. Associate[...]

  • Fouquet ivory and turquoise brooch

    George Fouquet Art Deco Brooch

    An Art Deco Brooch by George Fouquet, studded with cabochon tu[...]

  • Cartier tourmaline clips

    Cartier Tourmaline & Diamond Bow Brooch/Double Clips

    A brooch in the form of a stylised stepped bow, that separatte[...]

  • Moonstone frog brooch

    Carved Moonstone Frog Brooch

    A brooch in the form of a carved moonstone frog with ruby eyes[...]