• Rose diamond earrings

    Georgian Rose Cut Diamond Button Earrings

    Pair of early Georgian rose cut diamond stud earrings, of foli[...]

  • Carved ruby clips

    Carved Ruby and Diamond Ear Clips

    A pair of carved ruby and diamond set ear clips. The carved le[...]

  • Coral suite boxed

    Coral Cameo Suite

    A 19th century coral suite consisting of a multi-strand bead n[...]

  • Jade drop earrings

    Carved Jade Earrings by J. E. Caldwell & Co.

    A pair of early 20th century drop earrings, the green jade car[...]

  • Archeological Revival earrings

    Archeological Revival Earrings

    A pair of gold Archeological Revival earrings in the form of g[...]

  • Diamond-and-rose-gold-ear-clips

    Diamond & Rose Gold Ear Clips

    A pair of rose gold and diamond set ear clips of abstract flor[...]

  • jade-disc-earrings

    Jade Disc Earrings

    A pair of fine natural un-treated jade circular earrings of pi[...]

  • diamond-scroll-ear-clips

    Diamond Scroll Ear Clips

    A pair of diamond set scroll ear clips. Mounted in platinum. E[...]

  • coral-amphora-earrings

    Coral Amphora Earrings

    A pair of carved coral Etruscan Revival drop earrings. The amp[...]

  • russer-pearl-and-diamond-ear-clips

    Ruser Pearl & Diamond Ear Clips

    A pair of pearl and diamond ear clips by Ruser. Each has a trf[...]

  • waterfall-earrings

    Diamond Waterfall Earrings

    A pair of diamond set ‘waterfall’ earrings, set wi[...]

  • schlumberger-pearl-and-dia-earrings

    Schlumberger Pearl & Diamond Earrings

    A pair of styalised berry earrings set with pearls and diamond[...]