• Georgian amethyst cross pendant

    Georgian Amethyst Maltese Cross

    A Georgian amethyst pendant in the form of a Maltese cross. Ea[...]

  • Georgian padlock

    Georgian Padlock Brooch/Pendant

    A Georgian padlock brooch/pendant. The central crystal section[...]

  • Onyx and diamond deco pendant

    Art Deco Onyx & Diamond Pendant

    An Art Deco onyx and diamond set necklace with a detachable di[...]

  • Emerald paste cross pendant

    Early Cruciform Pendant

    A late 17th century green glass and enamelled cross set with t[...]

  • Black starr and frost fob watch

    Art Nouveau Black Starr & Frost Pendant Watch

    An Art Nouveau pendant watch by Black, Starr & Frost, depi[...]

  • opal-scarab-pendant

    Art Deco Opal Scarab Pendant

    A pendant in the form of a carved opal scarab beetle set with [...]

  • pearl-pendant

    Edwardian Pearl & Diamond Double Hooped Pendant

    An Edwardian natural Oriental pearl and diamond set double hoo[...]

  • amethyst-and-diamond-double-drop-pendant

    Amethyst & Diamond Drop Pendant

    An Edwardian amethyst and diamond articulated pendant, the pri[...]

  • ruby-and-dia-clover-pendant

    Ruby & Diamond Clover Pendant

    A pendant in the form of clover leaves, the old pear shape dia[...]

  • amethyst-pansy-pendant

    Amethyst Pansy Pendant

    A carved amethyst pendant in the form of a pansywith an old cu[...]

  • moonstone-double-heart-pendant

    Moonstone Double Heart Pendant

    A Victorian double heart pendant set with cabochon moonstone w[...]

  • enamel-orchid-brooch2

    Orchid Brooch

    A dark red, yellow and black enamel orchid brooch/pendant, wit[...]